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KNG V2 Support Rods

$80.00 USD

KNG wraps presents our very own Support Rods uniquely designed in house and made out of 1/2" thick aluminum and manufactured in the U.S. It has a thread-in feature which can allow for a lot of adjustment for any application.  With a cleaner look we added a set-screw to attach small brackets to our rods. In order for our product to perform well, please make sure all hardware is tight and has thread-locker.

This is a universal product that can go on any vehicle but please revise sizing before placing your order that would best fit your application. 

Specify  if you order for 2015+ charger or  challenger to  add grill mount screw.

We offer two different sizes:

MEDIUM SIZE fully threaded in: 7.25"

                      fully extended out: 8.50"  

LARGE SIZE fully threaded in: 9.25"

                  fully extended out: 10.50" 

(Note: Brackets will add an additional .50" to overall length)

Raw aluminum 

Hard anodized black.

Item will ship with in 1-2 Business days if purchased alone. 

Please contact us if you want to partner these rods with one of our splitters.

Local Pick-Up/ Install: Call To Schedule An Appointment for Install! Fees of Install may Vary!

Note: All Sales Are Final! Threadlocker & Tools Not Included!